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How to make hair frizz care hair dryer

From:admin    date:2017-4-14 15:05:13    View:3986

First, the top of the hair bundle up to the top of the clip, and then the lower hair dry. And then put the top of the wet hair down, and then layer by layer drying.

Two: remember when blowing hair, the hair dryer, hair is not blowing, let the hair dry naturally. This is not easy headache.

Three: remember that the hair dryer should not be too close to the hair, from the hair 15cm or so, so it is not easy to burn the hair, to know that the hair dryer is also charged, more or less damage to the hair.

Four: blowing hair when the hair kept moving, if you always stay in a seat, then congratulations, you will soon smell the smell of burnt hair.

Five: don't put the hair upside down blow, because the wet hair cuticle is open, down to the blowing hair growth can make the cuticle closed, which is often seen in the barber shop barber are so dry hair, hair supple and finally get out of the beautiful.