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What are the benefits of using a hairdryer?

From:admin    date:2017-4-14 15:14:07    View:11287

1、Dry dehumidification. A family with a baby, a rainy day, a diaper can't do it. Blowing with a hair dryer, good effect.

2、Electrical dust. Household appliances or soaking wet, hair dryer can be used to drive the tide; product of household electrical appliances have dust in case of power failure will turn back, hair dryer available wind blows away the dust, to avoid short circuit and high voltage breakdown, extending the service life of the electric appliance.

3、Modify refrigerator seal. When the refrigerator is used for a long time, the door seal will be aging and become uneven. Blowing with a hair dryer, the original depression can be restored to the original state, and then covered with cold towel to cool the stereotypes, repeated several times, the door closed on the repair.

4、Refrigerator defrost. Each time the refrigerator defrosting needs a long time, if you open the freezer door, with a hair dryer blowing hot air inside, you can shorten the time of the cream, to achieve the purpose of rapid defrosting.

5、Hemostasis. In daily life, will not be a place in the body cut bleeding, can immediately use a hair dryer blowing hot air into the wound, within a short time can make the wound scab bleeding, to avoid wound infection and accelerate wound healing are of great help.

6、Health. Patients with low back pain or periarthritis of shoulder, before sticking plaster, you can use the hair dryer to blow the handle for a while, and then paste a little massage, there is a significant therapeutic effect. In addition, the use of hair dryer to the affected area, adhere to the appropriate interval blowing hot air, 5 to 10 minutes each time, can reduce the pain.

7、Insect. The hair dryer and cupboards, table alignment hole corner cracks blow, ants, a heated unbearable will run out, can take the opportunity to kill.

8、Anti mildew. Books, stamps, photo albums, etc. can be used to blow a hair dryer, can drive the tide, mildew, pest control, anti yellowing paper.