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The effect of negative ions in Hair dryer (Xindaman)

From:admin    date:2018-7-23 16:11:40    View:9735

1). Lock the hair moisture and keep the hair moist;
2). Do not hurt the hair, care for the hair in depth, it will be healthier for long-term use;
3). The combination of negatively charged oxygen and water molecules in the air, blowing on the hair, will bring more shiny hair.
4). The negatively charged ions generated by the negative ion generator will neutralize the positive charge in the hair, and the static electricity will be removed, so that the hair will be more conformable and will not appear fluffy, so that the hair is more straight.
5). Negative ions have health effects:
A. The supplement of negative ions makes the phenomenon of chest tightness, dizziness and bad spirits relieved;
B. The virus loses its ability to attack live cells;
C. Negative ions can also enter the lungs through breathing, allowing nerve reflexes and body fluids to interact with each other, producing a neutralizing physiological health effect on the human body.